Ripple is a clinically led team working with you to build an integrated digital care record platform for today and the future. Open source, open standards and underpinned by an open architecture that can be used worldwide.

The flexible nature of the approach and technology allows it to be adopted and then adapted to meet the specific needs of a particular health and care system. This platform based approach can meet a variety of needs, from small departments up to regional care records.

Ripple’s mission:

  • Improve care to patients by supporting front line staff with better information and tools
  • Support the creation of an open integrated care record platform for health and social care
  • Support pioneering communities to deploy integrated digital care records
  • To leverage the power and benefit of an open source community approach to healthcare
  • Positively disrupt the healthcare market to bring it into the 21st century


Following a successful bid to the Integrated Digital Care Fund, Ripple is now a key part of the NHS Integrated Care Pioneers programme, set up to deliver innovative approaches to person centred care.  All 25 members of the Integrated Care Pioneers programme are engaged in transformational change across their local health, public health and social care systems, showcasing pioneering integrated care in practice.

The work that Ripple and it’s community undertakes is open source, supporting not only Integration Pioneers but any others “pioneering” organisations who require the support of an IDCR in England and beyond.

Ripple started from a small group in Leeds – meet the team here.  We chose the name Ripple to symbolise how one small action can have a significant effect across a wider expanse. So we are starting small, we are focussed in our action and we are hopeful of a positively disruptive impact across health and social care.


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