What is open source?

Refers to something that can be modified and shared because its design is publicly and freely accessible.

What is an integrated digital care record?

An integrated digital care record allows health and social care workers involved in a person’s care access to the most up to date care information about that individual, no matter which digital system their organisation uses.  At the moment there are many different systems in use across the city and often, they do not “talk” to each other.  This situation is not unique to the England and is the same across the world.

Is it secure, stable and safe?

Yes.  Although your system will be built using open technology and coding does not meant that it is more vulnerable to security breaches.  In fact, because open source products and platforms use the most up to date technology it is likely the system will be better protected.

Is open source used in other sectors?

Android mobile phones and wordpress websites are great examples of open source technology.  It is estimated that WordPress is used by 59.2% of all the websites whose content management system we know – this is 26.1% of all websites.  Companies like Twitter, Facebook, Mozilla and BBC are making use of open source technology.

Brewdog the first ever crowd funded brewery in February 2016 allowed all it’s recipes to go open source with a message “just remember to share your brews, and share your results. Sharing is caring.”

Is open source cheaper?

It can be a cost effective solution because there no license costs and contracts to third party organisations.  However it is not free, you need to use open source with modifications and adaptation to meet your local requirements.

What are the benefits of an open platform?

Instead of buying a solution from a provider, you can install a safe and secure platform, coded software or set of standards that will then allow you to adapt the system to fit your individual requirements.  Innovation and solutions can be found quickly across the world.

What does the OSI mean?

OSI – Open Source Initiative

What’s stopping people taking the software and doing their own thing?

Nothing, people can go to our github page and download the code any time they wish.  However, the gold standard version will have an associated warranty. By taking and adapting for their own needs, it would void this warranty.  They would also not benefit from being involved in shaping the development roadmap, the insights from a wider community and collaborating on enhancements needed by many together.

What is the commitment by taking an open source integrated digital care platform product?

The commitment is to collaborate and share learning.  This helps build solutions that you can control and direct the work that is tailored to meet your needs, whilst helping to innovate and drive technical change that supports others and is for the greater good.

How do I get the enhancements made that I need, when I need them?

This approach gives control back to the people/organisations using the software. If you have a requirement that you’d like to undertake, firstly we’d suggest that you (or the tech services company that you have engaged) let the community know of your requirement, the likelihood is that others will have a similar need too (which could lead to co funding of enhancements). You can undertake the enhancement whenever you need and then commit this back into the core platform, for the code custodian of the Ripple platform to review, test and provide a warranty that it is safe to use. This would then be released for others, should they wish to use. Your enhancement could ultimately be helping people all over the world to deliver better care.

In the proprietary software world, your requirement could be in a backlog of other requirements from across multiple customers, which ultimately could take longer to be deliver as one company is responsible for the enhancements or perhaps not even developed if it wasn’t in that company’s priorities.

How do I get involved?

Get in touch with the Ripple team.

Who could provide services in my area

Get in touch, Ripple is here to help source services and providers that are local, trusted and accredited so you can start to build your relationships.


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