Open Citizen

Engaging and Communicating

Open Citizen, which brings together the learning and experiences of the leading health and care organization in communicating effectively to the public about data sharing and building trust.

Ripple uses the methodologies, approaches and, importantly, research findings from different types of patient engagement to ensure that citizens have the opportunity to be involved in the development of a system that, after all, holds their information. Related open citizen engagement materials have already been openly shared and further iterations are in train.

Leeds Care Record LCR-retina-logo

Leeds Care Record undertook broad and intensive engagement with both patients and clinical staff and it has been agreed that Ripple can adapt and “white label” the communication and engagement material for others to use.  Leeds Care Record was commissioned by the three NHS clinical commissioning groups in Leeds and developed by the Leeds Teaching Hospitals Trust built on their PPM+ patient information system.

The resources below have been released under the creative commons licence 4.0 and currently include Ripple branding and graphics that have been created from open source sources.  It is recognised that organisations and localities may wish to adapt and add their own branding but in essence, they are ready to use.

As with all the resources Ripple is developing – both technical and non technical – we would like your feedback.  If you have any documents or case studies that you would like others to be able to re-use or perhaps detail of when you have used the resources available through Ripple, we would like to hear from you.  Please get in touch.


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