Open Requirements

Building understanding

Open Requirements has evolved from feedback from leading health and social care organizations about their key information they and their partner organizations require. In turn this helps to develop a business case which supports the change required when deploying related healthcare IT.  In drafting a first version of an open source business case template, Ripple has deliberately sought feedback and comments so that the document can iterate and incorporate the experiences and evidence from other areas.

Each key requirements helps to underpin the technical platform that the Ripple is actively crafting.  

The work undertaken to date has been shaped into an open business case to support organisations making the case for change. This work is available for open reuse and we invite others to collaborate on this ongoing work.

We welcome feedback and suggested improvements as part of the Ripple community to tackling common needs.Our explainer video goes into a bit more detail on these.


Special thanks to Dr Michael Bewell of NHS England’s Interoperability team and those organisations that contributed to this analysis.


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