Rhinoplasty in Thailand

Nose Surgery in Thailand with Azami Medical

The nose is the central feature of the face and plays a key role in facilitating respiration. For many people, its appearance can make or break standards of beauty. Hence the popularity of nose jobs or Rhinoplasty procedures that are used to reshape them. Rhinoplasty in Thailand is however more than just cosmetic surgery. It may also be done to correct impaired breathing caused by structural defects.  

This nose surgery can be applied to the bone, cartilage and/or skin parts of the nose. When done to enhance appearance, the surgeon must be careful to ensure proper proportions with the rest of your facial features.

Because each face is unique, this procedure requires a surgeon that develops a customised plan suited to the individual and the outcome they desire.

How Rhinoplasty Is Done

Just as with other surgeries, Rhinoplasty requires the patient to undergo a full consultation, exam, and lab tests. A full medical history will have to be taken to ensure the patient can safely undergo this procedure. This includes any history of previous surgeries, major illnesses, and medications being taken.

A physical exam of the exterior and interior of the nose will also be done, alongside discussion with the surgeon to determine what kind of result the patient is looking for. In some cases, it may be to reshape the nose for aesthetic reasons or to improve breathing, or both. A picture of the patients face will also be taken and uploaded into special software that can be used to predict the outcome of different manipulations on the nose.

Two main types of Rhinoplasty procedures may be performed, open and closed Rhinoplasty.

Open Rhinoplasty is performed for reshaping purposes. It involves making incisions on the strip of skin separating the nostrils and lifting the skin and soft tissue to access the internal nasal structures. From here the surgeon can perform whatever procedure to achieve the shape of nose that is desired.

Closed Rhinoplasty involves making incisions from the inside of the nostrils where any resulting scars are not visible. This type of Rhinoplasty is used where there is just minor reshaping required.

For minor procedures, it is common to use cartilage from deeper within the nose. For more complex procedures, cartilage or bone may need to be taken in a larger amount from other body parts like the ribs.

Rhinoplasty is undertaken as an outpatient procedure, meaning you will be able to go home the same day you have the surgery. Suitable aftercare will be required to ensure you heal properly.

Why Consider Rhinoplasty

Depending on appearances, it is often possible to reshape the nose in a variety of ways. It can be made smaller, bigger, longer, and/or shorter. A good surgeon should be able to reshape it to whatever proportion that is desired. When done for cosmetic reasons, it is often due to dissatisfaction with appearances. A Rhinoplasty can help modify the nose and improve appearances, giving the person greater confidence in their looks.

Those with a deviated septum will have an obstructed airway. This can be as a result of a birth defect, physical injury or an earlier botched nose job. When the nasal passage is obstructed it can cause difficulty in breathing and affect a person’s quality of life. They may find it difficult to take adequate breaths, especially when exerting themselves during sports or other physically taxing activities. The condition can be further worsened when sleep apnea develops as it can cause the person to stop breathing in their sleep. It can also trigger snoring that can interfere with a partner’s sleep.

Rhinoplasty can help to better align the septum, opening up the nasal passages and ensuring the patient can more comfortably breathe. Those with sleep apnea can also enjoy healthier uninterrupted sleep after the procedure.

Why Undergo Rhinoplasty in Thailand

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the average nose job costs about $5,483. That applies just to the surgery and not related expenses like paying for the operating room and anaesthesia. This is an expense most people cannot afford. Especially since cosmetic procedures are not often covered by insurance.

In Thailand, top clinics like Azami Medical offer a high standard of professional healthcare at a more affordable rate. Rhinoplasty price in Thailand is considerably lower and can often be easily paid for out of pocket. With Bangkok being a popular medical tourism hub, you can easily combine your plans for a nose job at Azami Medical with a stay at any of the amazing local vacation spots as you recover. By the time you return home, you will be refreshed and eager to show off your stunning new look.

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